OK I have my board packed in its pretty new board bag I bought yesterday.  It’s so beautiful it makes me shed a tear.  I got all my snow gear to fit in it as well, boots, coat, pants, the works.  There still is some space left even.  I like that this bag has both a shoulder strap as well as backpack straps so it’ll be easy to carry.

Now I’m pondering if I should take my largest broke ass suitcase home as I’m just gonna pitch it when I get there anyway as the bottom is ripped open somewhat and the wheels are crap or take my small bags as carryon and a duffel checked.  I’m more and more thinking about not taking the big one home with me as it is broken and I dont want to deal with it, yet hmmm I’m still at loss.   I think I should get all the clothes I’m going to take home and then I can see how much space I’m actually going to need.  I have to a decent amoutn of clothes back but not to much. I need my nice clothes and a couple of more casual stuff.  I have clothes at home, but I haven’t worn them for a few years and really its cause its from a stage in my life thats over.  Besides my clothes now look way better than my old clothes.

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