The Road Home PT. 1: Kickin’ it Old School

And no, not that horrible movie.  I‘m handwriting this blog entry. True I could just take out my Mac and type this but it would have the same soul. Or something like that.

I’m on an A330 now on my way to the twin cities.  I get there around 6am CST.  I’m going to be pretty tired I’ll do recon and get an energy drink to stay up due to my the hour layover.

Just finished Stardust and for a new story it hold all the strengths of fairytales of old and should be held as suck for years to come.  I’m happy economy class has video on demand now, no more suffering though shitty movies.

I think I know my thesis topic; Japan: Modern vs. Traditional.  I need Thompson’s book.  The emptying of the rural and the overcrowding of the metro.

I need to think simple.   Know now that I over complicate everything in my mind.  It’s like I take the equation 2+2 and turn it into f(x2+9yr3/π-2)em+2.  I used to think that was the way to process everything.  I’d find the answer from the book or friend.  No more over complicating stuff, at school and life.

Well it’s now midnight.  I have about 2hrs left.

Winter break is going to be more than just relaxation and fun.  I need to read.  My writing skills are sub par and I must fix that.  No more half assing this.  No more being scared of contacting people. The world is large and connections are essential to survival.

It’s time to stop playing the game on Hard Mode the first time I touch it.  I can’t turn the game difficulty down unfortunately but I can prepare myself so that the game won’t outthink me or trick me.

Writing in my blog must become a daily activity, the more practice I have the better my skills will improve.  I can’t be a “Jack of all Trades Master of none” anymore.  Master what I need and don’t worry about limited skills.

According to the map at this point in time I’m 1109km from the Twins.  That’s about 1:15 hrs.  Oh I’m above Wyoming.

This blog is Keitai friendly but I can’t post by keitai.  That’s what I need to do next.

Tunes are good for me. I need to find which works best for
•    Exercising
•    Riding
•    Studying
•    Whatever

This planes drying my nose out hard core.  I hope this is just a plan thing and not a “Welcome back to Winter, bitch” gift from Mother Nature.

I see city lights down below! Ah, decent. That means the planes going down.  Thanks airline radio, I grabbed 1 or 2 Japanese artist names I’ll have to check into later.  I hope that the Wi-fi is free at MSP, in HNL it wasn’t

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