Trust is an important thing, feelings of closeness and importance cannot happen with out it.  In human society it is one of the hardest things to gain yet the easiest to lose (debate is still on whether Love has regained the #1 stop yet, the voters are still at the booths).

Why do I speak of something so important? Simple, cause I just brought up my bikeseat with the rack and lights attached cause I don’t trust people not to steal it while I’m away!  Not that I’m judging yet I gotta protect my shit right?

I just turned in some forms today and bought some drugs to help sleep on the plane.  The shuttles coming to get me at 2:30 so I have 5, but lets just say 4 to be safe, hours left before it comes.  So I’m working on getting all my stuff together.  My board bag is set, and the rest are also in near done status.  No worries there.  I have to clean my rooms though cause I don’t want to return to bugs and mold.

Just printed out some card to stick on my bags “in case of loss” slips hehe.

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