I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, especially now that I have my Japan money.  I’m not going crazy or anything.  To walk out at the end of the week w/ $0 in my bank account would be freakin crazy.

I have made good purchases though with a few more to come.  I bought my new rack today (as the order came in). It was great cause I had brought my old baskets with me and attached them to it with some zip ties.  I was able to get some yum yum milk from the store.  I also purchased a new Timex watch.  Not that my other watch was bad, in fact it’s still good but not good for the commute.  This timex is also pretty cool cause it controls my ipod.

I broke down and bought a helmet for when I’m riding my bike.  I know it’s like the first time ever but I kinda feel like It’s something I needed to do with all the horrible drivers here.

I’m looking at panniers for my bike right now I’m liking the Arkel Utility Basket. It looks pretty big and should work out great for going to the store and buying groceries.  I’m also thinking about buying 2 Titan Panniers cause I think they would be a better bag to go camping with due to the fact they are completely waterproof like my bags I got for canoeing back when I was 18.

I need a tent.  That’s what I need. hehe so I can go campin!!!  I want this one, a Hennessy Hammock.  This is a cool tent, really it is.  I don’t have to worry about uneven ground of anything, just 2 trees and I’m good.

I have 3 computers to set up tomorrow.  I’m only gonna do one though to be honest.  I need to swap computers out for ppl.  gonna be a pain in the but though.

I’m sore.  Out

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