Tis the Season

It’s Christmas Eve and I am currently sitting at work.  Not the proper place I should be but I’m only here for a short while longer and I do have time sensitive tasks to take care of that require only for me to be here and click the mouse a couple times so no real complaints.

Will be going to a hotel in Waikiki with my girlfriend soon to spend two nights without worry. I’m excited.

I’ve recently hit around 195 on the scale which is honestly not acceptable at all, but I’m giving a little slack because of the season. I hope to get back down in the next month or two.  I would be nice to get back to around 170 again.

I’ve switched the blog theme and added a little snow to make it more festive. Also as there is no snow in Hawaii its nice to have it somewhere even if it is digital.

I got my grades back today and thanks to all who supported me at the end of the semester. Even with all that stress and whatnot I got a 3.85 GPA for the Fall. I’m taking this week off to recuperate and clear my head then next week I’ll start with my thesis work.  for those who don’t know I don’t have to take any classes next semester, just thesis credits so I’ll be busy as ever.  While a double edged sword, I have to have successfully defended by March 12th which means I’ll be done March 12th.

Huh, writing it out made me realize something…..what am I going to do with myself for the final three months I’ll be here in Hawaii?

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