I’ve noticed that tablet computers are becoming more and more relevant lately not just on tech blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget but on normal news sites like Yahoo! though it’s not to say they never were or that non-techy people would never use a tablet like the iPad. I’m sure Apples sales reports would clearly tell you that is not the case. Rather, the point that I want to focus on (or points as I’m sure that I will tangent during this post) is that it’s interesting to see how they have shifted to mainstream similar to how laptops did following desktops.

Many have said it but it does feel like we’re closer to the world of Star Trek™ with these crazy hand held computers. It’s impressive though as the number of devices increase the more the limits are pushed.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see tablets that will fully integrate with desktops and laptops through system docks and cloud services within the next year or two.  I actually see that as very positive step rather than differentiating the devices but rather bringing them together to increase the overall benefit.

I hope to purchase the next generation iPad when it comes out later this year.  I’ve come to realize that I find reading eBooks rather enjoyable on my phone but while eBooks in formats such as epub which resize to adjust to screen size PDFs are another matter entirely. In order to read PDFs it requires zooming in and out over and over again to be able to read the page and then turn the page. On a full sized tablet though this wouldn’t be a problem and since it would improve my ability to read documents and PDF eBooks.  I look forward to having that ability. While I could read the PDFs on my laptop, for me the ability to really “lay back and read” improves my ability to intake information.

Thus in conclusion, tablets will improve mobile computing yet they will improve their over all usefulness by their ability to incorporate other computer settings.

And finally, I want an iPad 2.

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