Crisis of Nature

Nature’s running a little crazy today. Earlier today an earthquake registering at 8.9 occurred a little over 100Km off the coast of northern Honshu Japan. Friends of mine in Iwate were reporting in on Facebook and Twitter instances of aftershock after aftershock with loss of power and cell coverage. After that though a tsunami occurred and raced towards Japan’s Eastern coast. It was not just a shock but honestly watching the water rush over the rice patties taking everything with it with fires erupting as well was quite shocking.

Of course though it doesn’t end there. A tsunami is headed toward Hawaii as well. I noted earlier tonight on twitter when the sirens began.

Tsunami sirens just went off here #tsunami #hawaii
Donald White

We’re safe though as we live in the valley with mountains protecting us on all sides but I know not everyone is as lucky. HawaiiNewsNow has been doing a great job keeping everyone up to date with information regarding the tsunami.  It’s 1:19 am and it isn’t supposed to hit for another two hours but still staying up to keep up with any information concerning the situation. I probably should be putting more info here with lots of details but I’m pretty exhausted and can’t do detailed work.

I hope all my friends in Japan is doing well and that everyone in Hawaii is staying calm for the impending tsunami. As the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says;

Don’t Panic

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