Weekend tasks

Lots of stuff happening that I need to both complete and prepare for in the coming week or so. I learned earlier this week that I was selected for an interview for a job at UH and received my official offer by phone. Needless to say right now I’m pretty pumped for the opportunity. I hope it pans out cause it would be a great for step in getting employed and as it’s higher ed and student affairs it’s not a far leap to education abroad.  Lately thought I have become interested more and more with web development. I feel that combining the two halves, education abroad and higher ed web would be the perfect job for me. Now I just have to find said position.

I do need to get a hair cut this weekend though. It’s been at least a month and a half if not longer. Need to clean it up so that I look professional on the 8th.

Oh also on the 8th is the career fair on campus which is why I chose the 8th for my interview cause it becomes a 1, 2 punch to get employment. I’m going to go over a lot of interview questions and think up answers like “name 3 strengths” etc. Got to have that down before hand to avoid the dreadful ums and ahs.

Lots of writing planned as well. Not just my papers either, I plan to work on some of my web copy writing skills to add to my set. I think it will be good do this and do this well.

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