Google+ is the Facebook killer!

Ok, not really but unlike Friendster or MySpace I foresee Google+ being a strong rival. I was lucky and got an invite to the new service before they closed down the invites. I am impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Certainly not where Facebook is now but I think that’s part of what I like.  It’s very clean not cluttered at all.  It gives me a feeling of a mix of Facebook and Twitter with a dash of Tumblr.

In Google+ your connections are grouped into what they call Circles. It comes with Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following but it allows for custom circles to be created. It feels much smoother organizing people than grouping people in Facebook which is handy keeping people organized as well as making sure that posts you want to go to people do and the reverse.

The stream is pretty well organized as well. It’s still pretty slow at the moment because of the low volume so it’s hard to compare it to Facebook or Twitter.

What I think is very wise on Google’s part is that they are integrating the Google+ style throughout all the google sites from their including the main search site , calendar, and gmail.

I hope to come back and give a more throughout review once I’ve checked it more out.  There are a number of posts of Google+ out there but there are some issues such as the community size and the lack of a business solution (though it is coming!) that make anything I say now still not clear enough in my opinion.

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