Goodbye GoDaddy!

After much thought I’ve decided to move my website to a new host. GoDaddy was acceptable during the first couple years but I feel like I need something stronger to build on. Additionally I was not happy with their support, and now withdrawn support, for SOPA which would basically cripple the internet. So I’m now over at Dreamhost and their service seems good so far.


I sat back and honestly took a look at my life and realized that the one thing that was supposed to be doing the most for me, this website, was in fact doing the exact opposite.  I saw that the website didn’t represent  now, nor even a goal me, but rather a me I thought I could sell in a career path I didn’t want but rather as money was tight, needed.

I’m a fool. I’ll be first to admit it.

I figured that selling myself as a consultant at all would be good for me but I see now that I was wrong. So I’m rehearing the blog to be about me, my research, my hobbies, and random things. Writing all about code and web design may work for some but not me. I may point now and then. But not fully. There’s little point for me to be doing that.

Furthermore, I’ve really fallen off the wagon with this blog. I keep intending to post things but then I get distracted. I’m going to focus better and get this blog fully active with great articles too.

Also with a little change. I’ve switched from the client machine theme to the yoko theme as the parent theme for my site to build off a child theme.  I hope to add a little more customization in the near future but I felt I needed the change to get things started.

Look forward to some interesting topics in the near future!

A fresh start

Well I must say after over a year of saying I will get a new theme it’s finally happened.  I think my new job definitely helped in getting me motivated to sit down and do some coding. First I have to say I had help along the way. Smashing Magazine, Digging into WordPress, the WordPress Codex, and Forrst all proved to be valuable resources that without I would’ve taken even longer. But most of all is the FreelanceFolder‘s The Client Machine which this theme is based as a child theme. It’s back-end makes using this site as a freelance center much more easily. Also if you came here from I’m sure you noticed that the url now reads as I figured it was a good time to change and pick up a more professional tone in my web presence as well as to tie in with my twitter handle @donbwhite.

This blog will take a more professional tone as well with more focused post topics related to highered, student affairs, web development and design and less on ranting about stupid Hawaiian drivers and other stuff like that.

Iro Iro

Things have certainly been interesting in my life since coming back to Hawaii. Both good and bad. Got conned buying my car as it had problems the guy claimed didnt exists so now I’m out of a bit of money.

But in terms of good stuff there’s more. While our refrigerator did break on the evening before Thanksgiving while I was sleeping our great landlord braved Black Friday to get us a great new one. It’s about twice as big as the first one and had in the door ice and water so I have no problem with it save for the fact the bag of chicken thawed and then refroze so now its like a solid block of chicken in the freezer.

Been writing more. I’m trying out Nanowrimo for the first time but only aiming for a 10k word count at 50k still is beyond my ability. Also cracking away at those pesky research papers I have to deal with. Also I’ve come across a new job as of last Wednesday and I’m currently writing the cover letter for that as well. Heck I’m even writing a blog post here after way to long. I think that the lack of forward movement with my new theme is was stalled me in terms of posting. Kind of a “why bother, the site doesn’t even look how I want it to” feeling.

I received a copy of Torchlight this week and have been playing it during free time to help unwind at night. People have said its a Diablo II-clone, albeit a very good one, but since I never played Diablo or Diablo II to begin with it’s a fresh experience for me. Yes I know it’s probably a geek foul but oh well. I like it cause it has the feel of the solo aspect of MMORPGs without the damn RAIDing and the like which I think turns a game into a chore or job even. And when I’m playing a game that’s the last thing I want to be doing. I think I may try my hand at a game review for it later.

Till Next Time


Today was a day of relaxation before I sit down and get started on school work. Been watching some old episodes of Robotech on hulu. Still a classic.

Doing laundry today as well. The apartment was getting a little out of hand so I picked up all the clothes and am doing two loads. It’s nice to see the floor again.

Been tinkering around with the blog too. Added some new plugins for widgets and have a really cool login screen as well. Seems like this thing is finally starting to get some personality.