Goodbye GoDaddy! After much thought I’ve decided to move my website to a new host. GoDaddy was acceptable during the first couple years but I feel like I need something stronger to build on. Additionally I was not happy with their support, and now withdrawn support, for SOPA which would […]


I sat back and honestly took a look at my life and realized that the one thing that was supposed to be doing the most for me, this website, was in fact doing the exact opposite.  I saw that the website didn’t represent  now, nor even a goal me, but […]

Iro Iro

Things have certainly been interesting in my life since coming back to Hawaii. Both good and bad. Got conned buying my car as it had problems the guy claimed didnt exists so now I’m out of a bit of money. But in terms of good stuff there’s more. While our […]


Today was a day of relaxation before I sit down and get started on school work. Been watching some old episodes of Robotech on hulu. Still a classic. Doing laundry today as well. The apartment was getting a little out of hand so I picked up all the clothes and […]

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