Soon to return

After realizing that I have neglected this blog for too long, I will be returning to its shortly with some great new content especially the International Education study abroad.


November is upon us, as a result it’s National Novel Writing Month again. I’ve decided to pick up the pen (metaphorically) and take part this year. I think I’ll only strive for a goal of 10k but we’ll see how far I can get.

New Theme

In order to be both productive and take breaks to not go insane from writing I’ve started to brainstorm ideas for a new wordpress theme for this site. I was able to do a good job with the site for work so I think I can manage to do a pretty go job with a new theme for my blog. Also I will be posted the plugins I use on my work webpage as a list of plugins I’ve found to be useful for CMS.

Stay Tuned

Head for the high ground!!! ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

Ok it’s not really zombies. It’s just my natural reaction to sirens. An 8.8 earthquake hit Chile this morning resulting in tsunamis across the Pacific.

People should check out Hawaii News Now

I didn’t have to evacuate but went to friends place in Kaneohe. It’s like a party but much calmer and relaxing.

Will give updates as they come.

Update: 56 Aftershocks over 5.0 magnitude have been recorded in Chile. The first tsunami wave to hit may not be the last or strongest.

Dear surfers still out there and are waiting for the tsunami, good luck and thanks for helping nature with that whole survival of the fittest. Your genes won’t be missed.

Update: Little rise in water but nothing cool. I feel let down.