travelin snowman

Posted by mobile phone:I’ve been wondering if i was wrong not to bring my laptop with me but i guess it’s not so bad as I’ll be able to focus on other things. I’m on my way to Vermont right now. Personally though, I’m starting to get tired of the […]

Oh the hardships of a day

I woke up at the crack of noon today, at least I think it was noon.  I  started off crawlin’ though as I helped out my parents with the reorganization of the upper loft and lower storage closet.  Most importantly we found my Christmas stuff, true it was 5 days […]

Christmas Eve

Well I find myself reading less than I planned though I should have expected it to happen this way. I feel as though the amount of time I had was not what I thought. Could just be my mismanagement of time to be honest. I have to wrap up my […]


Ok, I have been gone all weekend, I know.  Went to visit family which was fun though it’s one of those activities that’s been done in small bits. Christmas is coming and I wonder if I’m ready. I’m lookin forward to many activities but I’m honestly looking forward to going […]


Trust is an important thing, feelings of closeness and importance cannot happen with out it.  In human society it is one of the hardest things to gain yet the easiest to lose (debate is still on whether Love has regained the #1 stop yet, the voters are still at the […]

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