travelin snowman

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I’ve been wondering if i was wrong not to bring my laptop with me but i guess it’s not so bad as I’ll be able to focus on other things. I’m on my way to Vermont right now. Personally though, I’m starting to get tired of the cold. I couldn’t be happier that it’s just a visit to the mainland.

I asked my aunt this morning about how she felt about Romney as shes a Mass resident and him the governor and she definetly told me alright. Let’s just say it wasn’t good and leave it at that.

My new iPod is running well as I listen to another good podcast. Having video now is a nice little upgrade. It inceases the number of information I can take in at once now.

Dear god! As much as I love huskies I have to say they shed like crazy. I think thats one reason why I dont think I’d care to have a dog or any pet really. It’s an interesting perspective though, the shy dog of my aunt and the hyper enerjectic dog that I took care of in D-town. Both huskies but very differnt. This could just be another case of while they look the same they are very different.

Oh the hardships of a day

I woke up at the crack of noon today, at least I think it was noon.  I  started off crawlin’ though as I helped out my parents with the reorganization of the upper loft and lower storage closet.  Most importantly we found my Christmas stuff, true it was 5 days after, but it was a good find.  Later it was a few hours of watching football and TV while the ‘rents  were napping.  Then dinner.

I read more of Alex Kerr’s Lost Japan this evening.  It is certainly an excellent book to read on Japan if you have any interest on Japan both traditional and modern and how one killed the other off while still letting it survive in it.  I was thinking for a while about his methodology in his research, which he seems post structuralist in his view of Japan he still seems to have some Nihonjinron in it.  I can’t tell though if he truely feels the uniqueness of Japan in some sense or rather it’s just the wording he uses.  It’s still up in the air with the judges as he seems to be riding the fence here but we’ll see.

I’m currently enjoying some “fine” red  wine I swiped from the stash downstairs.  I was about to get some that my friend had brought over the other day for the party but then I paused and thought “what if this is cheap wine like I had with her the other night.”  Once that entered my mind I grabbed a bottle of red that my mom had gotten the other day.  All I can say now is, I’m not disappointed.

Christmas Eve

Well I find myself reading less than I planned though I should have expected it to happen this way. I feel as though the amount of time I had was not what I thought. Could just be my mismanagement of time to be honest.

I have to wrap up my presents that I have for my parents. So I’m sitting here in my room not wrapping haha. They just turned on the fireplace downstairs which has been setting the smoke detectors off again and again. Hurray is stopped.

It’s strange because while I may be on vacation it really doesn’t feel like vacation to me. This may be due to the conception of vacation being relaxing and sunny or something like that but it’s not in Ohio cause it’s well, Ohio.

OK Christmas decorating of the tree and what not is now complete.


Ok, I have been gone all weekend, I know.  Went to visit family which was fun though it’s one of those activities that’s been done in small bits. Christmas is coming and I wonder if I’m ready.

I’m lookin forward to many activities but I’m honestly looking forward to going back to Hawai’i.  I do think that this means that I finally feel at home in Honolulu.  This makes me happy, but I’m a little nervous about going back as I don’t know what will happen from here on out but I guess that makes the adventure more exciting.

I’m going to go to Athens for New Years and see some old friends which is exciting.  I don’t know what to expect really since I don’t know many people down there anymore, but as that I think this will make it a good trail run into talking to new people and act more like a active participant of the game rather than a simple observer hopin for my shot.

I’ll post Part 2 of my travel tomorrow, I have to type it up.


Trust is an important thing, feelings of closeness and importance cannot happen with out it.  In human society it is one of the hardest things to gain yet the easiest to lose (debate is still on whether Love has regained the #1 stop yet, the voters are still at the booths).

Why do I speak of something so important? Simple, cause I just brought up my bikeseat with the rack and lights attached cause I don’t trust people not to steal it while I’m away!  Not that I’m judging yet I gotta protect my shit right?

I just turned in some forms today and bought some drugs to help sleep on the plane.  The shuttles coming to get me at 2:30 so I have 5, but lets just say 4 to be safe, hours left before it comes.  So I’m working on getting all my stuff together.  My board bag is set, and the rest are also in near done status.  No worries there.  I have to clean my rooms though cause I don’t want to return to bugs and mold.

Just printed out some card to stick on my bags “in case of loss” slips hehe.