And the next stage has begun

I’m moving on in a number of matters at the moment.  I don’t mean that I have leaving what has happened behind but rather that I see that I am stuck.  I realized that I was stuck in the current situation not 2 hours ago, in fact this might be a instant revelation.  But that would be a lie I guess.  I actually feel like I’m starting to take steps backward.

This isn’t a bad thing though.  I think I’m moving back towards the more confident attitude that I held in the past.  In the past…oh..8 or 9 years I think I’ve encountered stages where I enact a great shift in myself from a “nervous follower” to a “confident leader.”  This has been the case before and I think its when I become comfortable with both myself and my surroundings.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?  I think the first point in which I made a change was when I was a leader back in EYG workcamp.  I actually took on a role and was recognized by both my peers and councelors as someone who could take control.  I remember being told “I was surprised with the Don I saw this past week.  You took control with projects, completed them all while looking out for your teammates.  You really impressed me.”  This made me realize that I finally came into myself for the first time.

The next two times occured while at OU.  First was at the end of my first year and begining of my second with the recreation of the anime club.  I was almost followling along through most of it putting in my ideas of what would be good, but never taking a true leading position (even though I was going to be VP).  It was the following year in which I took control at the beginning and started the path that JCON has take.  I am not saying that I am the cause for JCON today. BUT! All you fuckers who which to say different, I was the reason that the club became registered and had to deal with losing a President (while I was to be VP thereby becoming Pres.) and a Tresurer all in the same year.  I don’t hold ill will towards either of those guys, honestly.  I consider both my friends.  but man that was a pain in the ass to deal with but I succeeded.  The second occurence in college would probably be my last year after returning from Chubu.  I was different and I think it was seen in those around me.  I joined OUGA and became the treasurer and became sociable in numerous groups.

The stage before this would have to be my 2nd year in Iwate.  Jason and I seriously became a major focal point for activities there.  There wasn’t a good party out there that we weren’t either part of or had organized. haha.  I may be exaggerating a bit for my own ego but it still was a success.

I think I’ve started to find my place now.  I feel like I’m someone who has valid point to say and is a colleague to those around me.

I think what triggered this was actually purchasing some hair product from the store this evening.  It’s the same stuff I used in Japan and I think that’s why it has affected me.  It almost feels like a complete circle in how I’m returning to familiar things (product, games, otaku) but making it so much more than a weird part of me and into a successful presentation.

I think I have my position fairly clear to me now and I just have to fill in the details in between the goals.

hmmm.  Lets start that then, here and now.

  1. Return to Japan summer 2009 for fieldwork.
  • Received $2000 Graduate Fellowship
  • Contacting housing service in Japan for a room for July and August
  • swindle money from parents
  • Apply for more funding

And now I sleep.


I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, especially now that I have my Japan money.  I’m not going crazy or anything.  To walk out at the end of the week w/ $0 in my bank account would be freakin crazy.

I have made good purchases though with a few more to come.  I bought my new rack today (as the order came in). It was great cause I had brought my old baskets with me and attached them to it with some zip ties.  I was able to get some yum yum milk from the store.  I also purchased a new Timex watch.  Not that my other watch was bad, in fact it’s still good but not good for the commute.  This timex is also pretty cool cause it controls my ipod.

I broke down and bought a helmet for when I’m riding my bike.  I know it’s like the first time ever but I kinda feel like It’s something I needed to do with all the horrible drivers here.

I’m looking at panniers for my bike right now I’m liking the Arkel Utility Basket. It looks pretty big and should work out great for going to the store and buying groceries.  I’m also thinking about buying 2 Titan Panniers cause I think they would be a better bag to go camping with due to the fact they are completely waterproof like my bags I got for canoeing back when I was 18.

I need a tent.  That’s what I need. hehe so I can go campin!!!  I want this one, a Hennessy Hammock.  This is a cool tent, really it is.  I don’t have to worry about uneven ground of anything, just 2 trees and I’m good.

I have 3 computers to set up tomorrow.  I’m only gonna do one though to be honest.  I need to swap computers out for ppl.  gonna be a pain in the but though.

I’m sore.  Out

The Road Home PT 2: Oh yea that’s what cold feels like

  Cold & Snow, hello again.

I’ve split this post into 2 outings so as to not make too long of a post. This is about a week old. The first part can be seen below.

Changed my mind on the redbull. Got one of those Starbucks coffee drinks.  Many of you who have known me a while probably are confused and are thinkg “but wait Don, You don’t drink coffee.” Yea well nobody’s perfect.  Frappuccino is yummy.

Now for the final leg of my journey. I’m tired now for real but I don’t know if I can actually get any sleep on this crampt jet.

The ;rents say Max & Erma’s for lunch but I dont know if I can eat much really. After al nighters my stomach is usually not that big of a food fan.  We’ll see though. Maybe it’ll be like Old School and “once it hits the lips” I’ll be good.

I seem to have forgotton the fat that my temper limit is different when I’m tired.  Ok god! Theres been no smoking on flights for over 2 decades but they keep saying it.

Sadly I must end here as my brain is to tired to formulate thoughts.

The Road Home PT. 1: Kickin’ it Old School

And no, not that horrible movie.  I‘m handwriting this blog entry. True I could just take out my Mac and type this but it would have the same soul. Or something like that.

I’m on an A330 now on my way to the twin cities.  I get there around 6am CST.  I’m going to be pretty tired I’ll do recon and get an energy drink to stay up due to my the hour layover.

Just finished Stardust and for a new story it hold all the strengths of fairytales of old and should be held as suck for years to come.  I’m happy economy class has video on demand now, no more suffering though shitty movies.

I think I know my thesis topic; Japan: Modern vs. Traditional.  I need Thompson’s book.  The emptying of the rural and the overcrowding of the metro.

I need to think simple.   Know now that I over complicate everything in my mind.  It’s like I take the equation 2+2 and turn it into f(x2+9yr3/π-2)em+2.  I used to think that was the way to process everything.  I’d find the answer from the book or friend.  No more over complicating stuff, at school and life.

Well it’s now midnight.  I have about 2hrs left.

Winter break is going to be more than just relaxation and fun.  I need to read.  My writing skills are sub par and I must fix that.  No more half assing this.  No more being scared of contacting people. The world is large and connections are essential to survival.

It’s time to stop playing the game on Hard Mode the first time I touch it.  I can’t turn the game difficulty down unfortunately but I can prepare myself so that the game won’t outthink me or trick me.

Writing in my blog must become a daily activity, the more practice I have the better my skills will improve.  I can’t be a “Jack of all Trades Master of none” anymore.  Master what I need and don’t worry about limited skills.

According to the map at this point in time I’m 1109km from the Twins.  That’s about 1:15 hrs.  Oh I’m above Wyoming.

This blog is Keitai friendly but I can’t post by keitai.  That’s what I need to do next.

Tunes are good for me. I need to find which works best for
•    Exercising
•    Riding
•    Studying
•    Whatever

This planes drying my nose out hard core.  I hope this is just a plan thing and not a “Welcome back to Winter, bitch” gift from Mother Nature.

I see city lights down below! Ah, decent. That means the planes going down.  Thanks airline radio, I grabbed 1 or 2 Japanese artist names I’ll have to check into later.  I hope that the Wi-fi is free at MSP, in HNL it wasn’t


OK I have my board packed in its pretty new board bag I bought yesterday.  It’s so beautiful it makes me shed a tear.  I got all my snow gear to fit in it as well, boots, coat, pants, the works.  There still is some space left even.  I like that this bag has both a shoulder strap as well as backpack straps so it’ll be easy to carry.

Now I’m pondering if I should take my largest broke ass suitcase home as I’m just gonna pitch it when I get there anyway as the bottom is ripped open somewhat and the wheels are crap or take my small bags as carryon and a duffel checked.  I’m more and more thinking about not taking the big one home with me as it is broken and I dont want to deal with it, yet hmmm I’m still at loss.   I think I should get all the clothes I’m going to take home and then I can see how much space I’m actually going to need.  I have to a decent amoutn of clothes back but not to much. I need my nice clothes and a couple of more casual stuff.  I have clothes at home, but I haven’t worn them for a few years and really its cause its from a stage in my life thats over.  Besides my clothes now look way better than my old clothes.