Well after making an attemp at teaching a co-worker how to update the site for work I came to the realization that it’s not all that user friendly for non-techy people. So I have come to the realization that while I made the front end pretty the back end is while organized somewhat confusing.
So I’ve decided to implement a CMS. I have decided to use WordPress as the CMS.
I started working on it today while at the office but it’s slow going. Up until now I’ve used it just for a blog so as a static site this is new. So I’ve figured out some of it but now I’m stuck on the theme. I know I can do it but I will need to do a lot of studying. I’ve never made my own theme before so this is a first.
Just need to figure out a good way to combine features from the site like the menus to a wordpress theme.

Work, work, work


In the process of updating the look of this blog I have read many blogs on website design, development, and Photoshop brushes/patterns/textures/etc. And in doing so I have expanded my knowledge and library of sources greatly. I hope to add some of these sites to my blog roll soon so that others can check them out. I feel that I should be more active as opposed to just a scavenger taking what I want and not giving anything back. As such I feel that with my limited skills I will start with something easy. The first I will be releasing will be texture packs of Hawaiian sand. Wont be big though maybe 5 or 6 textures. I plan to release these as a freebie as I understand the pains of being a student with low-income and how helpful the free stuff as been to me. I will post them in a .zip file containing both the textures as individual JPG files and a .pat file for Photoshop. These will be released under the creative commons license with free use, no need to attribute them to me but may not be rereleased/repackaged, and as always share and share alike.

I plan for in the first sand pack to be:

Kailua Bay
Ala Moana Beach

Stay tuned!


Today was a day of relaxation before I sit down and get started on school work. Been watching some old episodes of Robotech on hulu. Still a classic.

Doing laundry today as well. The apartment was getting a little out of hand so I picked up all the clothes and am doing two loads. It’s nice to see the floor again.

Been tinkering around with the blog too. Added some new plugins for widgets and have a really cool login screen as well. Seems like this thing is finally starting to get some personality.

Tis the Season

It’s Christmas Eve and I am currently sitting at work.  Not the proper place I should be but I’m only here for a short while longer and I do have time sensitive tasks to take care of that require only for me to be here and click the mouse a couple times so no real complaints.

Will be going to a hotel in Waikiki with my girlfriend soon to spend two nights without worry. I’m excited.

I’ve recently hit around 195 on the scale which is honestly not acceptable at all, but I’m giving a little slack because of the season. I hope to get back down in the next month or two.  I would be nice to get back to around 170 again.

I’ve switched the blog theme and added a little snow to make it more festive. Also as there is no snow in Hawaii its nice to have it somewhere even if it is digital.

I got my grades back today and thanks to all who supported me at the end of the semester. Even with all that stress and whatnot I got a 3.85 GPA for the Fall. I’m taking this week off to recuperate and clear my head then next week I’ll start with my thesis work.  for those who don’t know I don’t have to take any classes next semester, just thesis credits so I’ll be busy as ever.  While a double edged sword, I have to have successfully defended by March 12th which means I’ll be done March 12th.

Huh, writing it out made me realize something…..what am I going to do with myself for the final three months I’ll be here in Hawaii?

Back to the Blog?

I know it’s been a long time since I last did this but I really need to keep up with it as having a regular writing outlet is very useful.

While I love my parents, having them here was both fun yet stressful. I believe I found out the cause of why my teeth were hurting too. Apparently according to my girlfriend I had been grinding my teeth when I slept.

I’m going to work on updating this page finally to be fresh and good. I’m also linking it to my twitter account so even if there aren’t posts some information gets out.

That’s all.