The non-traditional path to Student Affairs

I can’t say I’ve chosen the easiest path for my career in terms of education. My BA was in International Studies and my MA will be in Asian Studies. More and more I see jobs that would fit me but they require degrees in Education, Higher Ed, or Student Affairs. So why have I made things harder for myself by not going with a degree like that? Simply put, I lacked information.

Well first I’ll say that I didn’t know what I wanted career-wise when I entered my Master’s program. I simply felt I wanted something to do with Japan. But I truly enjoyed my time working at the Study Abroad Center at UH that it cemented that it was the job for me. And secondly I didn’t even know that such majors existed. My only knowledge for advanced degrees in education were for either teachers or people who wanted to become principles. I had no clue that Student Affairs was even a degree. In my case I had a very valid reason for my thinking.

When I studied abroad in Japan the program was run by my mentor at OU and he was a Professor. So while I knew that the study abroad office kind of existed it wasn’t a real thing in my mind. So I felt that if I wanted to work in education abroad (with Japan) I would have to be a professor. Another addition would be my former boss was a Political Scientist and one of my co-workers was formerly in banking. So the whole student affairs education path was not clear to me.

I have since come to realize that this is not the case. But I feel that I still want to follow my career dream.  I really wish I had landed my dream job already so that I could give advice to others who are still hunting but I’m in the same boat as them still.

So here I am applying for every job I can find hoping that the next app will be the one.

Writing and Hunting

I have really gotten into this Nanowrimo thing. Yesterday I wrote 5k and that put me at over 20,000 words today. I know I should be putting that much effort into my thesis work but it’s a different writing style. BUT! I have found that by actually taking the act of writing and staying with a set goal for daily writing it actually is helping me get into writing overall. I mean I wrote my papers conclusion yesterday. I just need to sit down and put the body together.

Honestly though, I really wish my job hunt comes to an end soon. I have been checking out webinars and podcasts, and reading many blogs to help improve my ability to sell myself as a professional. I have to say that HigherEdLive and Student Affairs Live are great and anyone interested in higher education should check them out. I think one of the hardest aspects of my search is that I’m limited by location. It’s hard to be told that I would get a job easily on the mainland when I’m committed to Hawaii. Hopefully something will work out. I had an interview but that didn’t pan out but it was interview experience and every little bit helps.

Freelancer Tools – StudioCloud

While I’m quite happy with how The Client Machine is working out for me I haven’t stopped looking at other options and tools to help with possible freelance work for me. StudioCloud is one such tool that I’ve come across.

It’s a free program with purchasable upgrades for mobile use and if you have employees etc.  It’s pretty solid. It has a variety of sections for:

Point of Sale

This is essentially an All-In-One app for most freelancing needs to start out. While I haven’t had much time to look at it I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the mixture of solid options with a good UI.  One thing that I like about it is that its free which for many freelancers starting out are. Definitely worth checking out.

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software


Well after making an attemp at teaching a co-worker how to update the site for work I came to the realization that it’s not all that user friendly for non-techy people. So I have come to the realization that while I made the front end pretty the back end is while organized somewhat confusing.
So I’ve decided to implement a CMS. I have decided to use WordPress as the CMS.
I started working on it today while at the office but it’s slow going. Up until now I’ve used it just for a blog so as a static site this is new. So I’ve figured out some of it but now I’m stuck on the theme. I know I can do it but I will need to do a lot of studying. I’ve never made my own theme before so this is a first.
Just need to figure out a good way to combine features from the site like the menus to a wordpress theme.

Work, work, work


I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, especially now that I have my Japan money.  I’m not going crazy or anything.  To walk out at the end of the week w/ $0 in my bank account would be freakin crazy.

I have made good purchases though with a few more to come.  I bought my new rack today (as the order came in). It was great cause I had brought my old baskets with me and attached them to it with some zip ties.  I was able to get some yum yum milk from the store.  I also purchased a new Timex watch.  Not that my other watch was bad, in fact it’s still good but not good for the commute.  This timex is also pretty cool cause it controls my ipod.

I broke down and bought a helmet for when I’m riding my bike.  I know it’s like the first time ever but I kinda feel like It’s something I needed to do with all the horrible drivers here.

I’m looking at panniers for my bike right now I’m liking the Arkel Utility Basket. It looks pretty big and should work out great for going to the store and buying groceries.  I’m also thinking about buying 2 Titan Panniers cause I think they would be a better bag to go camping with due to the fact they are completely waterproof like my bags I got for canoeing back when I was 18.

I need a tent.  That’s what I need. hehe so I can go campin!!!  I want this one, a Hennessy Hammock.  This is a cool tent, really it is.  I don’t have to worry about uneven ground of anything, just 2 trees and I’m good.

I have 3 computers to set up tomorrow.  I’m only gonna do one though to be honest.  I need to swap computers out for ppl.  gonna be a pain in the but though.

I’m sore.  Out