The semester is finally going in a way I’m looking forward to.  I dropped 2 courses (well technically3 but that was more of a switch than a drop).  I then added 2 courses.  This semester is gonna be ANTH and JPN all the way.  I think this will give me a really good real start to school.  I checked my Google dashboard today and saw a lot of interesting stuff.  People picking up from here and there and then linking through a variety of places to get to my page.  Kind of cool actually.

I’m starting to feel better on my bike the more I ride it which is a good thing because it means both my legs are getting stronger and my breathing and cardio are in better shape than before.  I just wish this would help get rid of my little gut I have goin.

My first day of baito is tomorrow which I am and am not looking forward to.  I’m kind of hoping I can find a job that pays more than this but I’d still do this on a one or 2 day a week deal in order to keep the discount going.

Sleep calls since I have to get up early tomorrow.  I’m shocked that I’m going to bed so early now.  I think I haven’t gone to bed this early since I was in elementary.


Yes I did a whole bunch of nothing today.  Why? I blame jetlag.  Though this may be a hint that I can’t work hard in my room, which is bad as I have to do work spring semester.  On the other hand I feel that it is due to the fact that I don’t have my bike and school isn’t in session as the reason for my slacking.  Monday needs to come as soon as possible!! I will be talking to a number of people this coming week which I’m looking very forward to.

On the plus side I skated to wal-mart today in order to get not just milk but eggs as well.  If you know what that means then you know I have eggs and milk.   Though if you add the pancake mix in my pantry then you realize I can make pancakes now.  Had you not known that then well I feel sorry for you as you will get no pancakes!  Pancake mix has been made and in the fridge.  I get to eat yummy yummy pancakes tomorrow morning.

I guess planning ahead does help.

Slick Steve

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Oh Yea!


The air, the temp, the fine fine women. Now this is living. I’m on the shuttle headed back to my apartment right now and I’m in a freakin great mood. I have to go to work though, I need my schedule. I have resposibilities after all.

In all seriousness the flight from LAX to HNL had to of been one of the best flights I’ve had. Namely cause I got to go in sitting next to two beautiful girls that were great to hang out with. I got their info so I’ll contact them later.

I’m stuck though. I think my modes of transportation are feet and blades for the next few days as I ant ride the bus cause my pass expired and my bikes locked up and I dont think I can get my card reactivated until Monday. It’s annoying but I gotta roll with what I got. I’m gonna live my life now with no fears.

Oh yea and I’ve changed my thesis topic. The first one was simply to broad and it was something I may look at for a later paper if I can narrow the field down a bit. But what I have now may be even more juicier. I’m going to look at the 帰国子女, or Returnees as we call them in English. These are the kids who come over to USA and other countries, when their parents job is transfered and they grow up in that land and then are taken back to Japan when their jobs done. I want to look at how they adapt back to japan in terms of their personlity and language skills. I intend to look at those who return in their last 2 yrs of High school or college (so ages 16-23). I this could work.


snow scape of the mind

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I need to get back to Hawaii now. At least tats what I feel right now. Although thats more so cause of the school/scholar work I need/want to do before the semester starts. I wish I had brought my laptop with me but even more so I wish I was in front of my desktop as that is my main communication device.

This is what I’ve needed desperately. A break. Had i done this before school I would have performed much better but it was a valuable learning experience that I’m glad I had to go through. I’m ready to do more than hit the ground running but hit the ground sprinting. I need to increase socially 10 fold. I will become a respected student and scholar by the end of the spring semester.

And now I sleep with dreams of success in all aspects of life.

travelin snowman

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I’ve been wondering if i was wrong not to bring my laptop with me but i guess it’s not so bad as I’ll be able to focus on other things. I’m on my way to Vermont right now. Personally though, I’m starting to get tired of the cold. I couldn’t be happier that it’s just a visit to the mainland.

I asked my aunt this morning about how she felt about Romney as shes a Mass resident and him the governor and she definetly told me alright. Let’s just say it wasn’t good and leave it at that.

My new iPod is running well as I listen to another good podcast. Having video now is a nice little upgrade. It inceases the number of information I can take in at once now.

Dear god! As much as I love huskies I have to say they shed like crazy. I think thats one reason why I dont think I’d care to have a dog or any pet really. It’s an interesting perspective though, the shy dog of my aunt and the hyper enerjectic dog that I took care of in D-town. Both huskies but very differnt. This could just be another case of while they look the same they are very different.