The semester is finally going in a way I’m looking forward to.  I dropped 2 courses (well technically3 but that was more of a switch than a drop).  I then added 2 courses.  This semester is gonna be ANTH and JPN all the way.  I think this will give me […]


Yes I did a whole bunch of nothing today.  Why? I blame jetlag.  Though this may be a hint that I can’t work hard in my room, which is bad as I have to do work spring semester.  On the other hand I feel that it is due to the […]

Slick Steve

Posted by mobile phone:Oh Yea! I AM HOME! The air, the temp, the fine fine women. Now this is living. I’m on the shuttle headed back to my apartment right now and I’m in a freakin great mood. I have to go to work though, I need my schedule. I […]

snow scape of the mind

Posted by mobile phone:I need to get back to Hawaii now. At least tats what I feel right now. Although thats more so cause of the school/scholar work I need/want to do before the semester starts. I wish I had brought my laptop with me but even more so I […]

travelin snowman

Posted by mobile phone:I’ve been wondering if i was wrong not to bring my laptop with me but i guess it’s not so bad as I’ll be able to focus on other things. I’m on my way to Vermont right now. Personally though, I’m starting to get tired of the […]

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