Oh the hardships of a day

I woke up at the crack of noon today, at least I think it was noon.  I  started off crawlin’ though as I helped out my parents with the reorganization of the upper loft and lower storage closet.  Most importantly we found my Christmas stuff, true it was 5 days […]

Christmas Eve

Well I find myself reading less than I planned though I should have expected it to happen this way. I feel as though the amount of time I had was not what I thought. Could just be my mismanagement of time to be honest. I have to wrap up my […]


Ok, I have been gone all weekend, I know.  Went to visit family which was fun though it’s one of those activities that’s been done in small bits. Christmas is coming and I wonder if I’m ready. I’m lookin forward to many activities but I’m honestly looking forward to going […]

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