Social Media & Crisis Management

Had hoped to get this up sooner and while I had it on slideshare I never actually posted it on my blog.  So here it is, my presentation slider from the NAFSA 2012 Region XII HI/Pacific District Spring Conference. Social media and crisis management View more presentations from Don White

Writing and Hunting

I have really gotten into this Nanowrimo thing. Yesterday I wrote 5k and that put me at over 20,000 words today. I know I should be putting that much effort into my thesis work but it’s a different writing style. BUT! I have found that by actually taking the act of writing and staying with […]

A NASFA Experience

Although I finally came down with what my wife had last week I still managed to put myself together for the Fall NAFSA luncheon that was held today at a nice Indian food restaurant. I really wish I could say more about the food but in all honesty it tasted pretty bland to me because […]

Crisis of Nature

Nature’s running a little crazy today. Earlier today an earthquake registering at 8.9 occurred a little over 100Km off the coast of northern Honshu Japan. Friends of mine in Iwate were reporting in on Facebook and Twitter instances of aftershock after aftershock with loss of power and cell coverage. After that though a tsunami occurred […]

Head for the high ground!!! ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

Ok it’s not really zombies. It’s just my natural reaction to sirens. An 8.8 earthquake hit Chile this morning resulting in tsunamis across the Pacific. People should check out Hawaii News Now I didn’t have to evacuate but went to friends place in Kaneohe. It’s like a party but much calmer and relaxing. Will give […]