Dear Drivers in Hawaii

This is the start of a new blog post series about the large number of drivers in Hawaii. Part 1 will focus on turn signals.

For many people that little handle on the left side of the steering wheel is a mystery for many drivers here and is not limited to cars and trucks. It has a variety of uses but it’s main function is fairly misunderstood by many.

That being: To inform other drivers of your intent.

Now, the name is quite confusing as well. It is not only used for turning. When merging, changing lanes, and pulling away from the curb you should use it as well.

There are three inappropriate uses of the turn signal in Hawaii. The first is simply the lack of use. People need to understand that when changing lanes the turn signals left people know you need to change lanes. This will decrease the number of instances of cutting people off, as cutting people off is a known cause for traffic flow problems.

The second is the assumption that the turn signal is an almighty light. By using the turn signal it dies not mean you can change multiple lanes at once.

The third is the opposite of number one, over use. It is not acceptable to drive down the highway in any lane with your signal on. It confuses other drivers.

So if you are driving with your left signal on in the left lane, do us all a favor and make that turn.