The non-traditional path to Student Affairs

I can’t say I’ve chosen the easiest path for my career in terms of education. My BA was in International Studies and my MA will be in Asian Studies. More and more I see jobs that would fit me but they require degrees in Education, Higher Ed, or Student Affairs. So why have I made things harder for myself by not going with a degree like that? Simply put, I lacked information.

Well first I’ll say that I didn’t know what I wanted career-wise when I entered my Master’s program. I simply felt I wanted something to do with Japan. But I truly enjoyed my time working at the Study Abroad Center at UH that it cemented that it was the job for me. And secondly I didn’t even know that such majors existed. My only knowledge for advanced degrees in education were for either teachers or people who wanted to become principles. I had no clue that Student Affairs was even a degree. In my case I had a very valid reason for my thinking.

When I studied abroad in Japan the program was run by my mentor at OU and he was a Professor. So while I knew that the study abroad office kind of existed it wasn’t a real thing in my mind. So I felt that if I wanted to work in education abroad (with Japan) I would have to be a professor. Another addition would be my former boss was a Political Scientist and one of my co-workers was formerly in banking. So the whole student affairs education path was not clear to me.

I have since come to realize that this is not the case. But I feel that I still want to follow my career dream.  I really wish I had landed my dream job already so that I could give advice to others who are still hunting but I’m in the same boat as them still.

So here I am applying for every job I can find hoping that the next app will be the one.

Writing and Hunting

I have really gotten into this Nanowrimo thing. Yesterday I wrote 5k and that put me at over 20,000 words today. I know I should be putting that much effort into my thesis work but it’s a different writing style. BUT! I have found that by actually taking the act of writing and staying with a set goal for daily writing it actually is helping me get into writing overall. I mean I wrote my papers conclusion yesterday. I just need to sit down and put the body together.

Honestly though, I really wish my job hunt comes to an end soon. I have been checking out webinars and podcasts, and reading many blogs to help improve my ability to sell myself as a professional. I have to say that HigherEdLive and Student Affairs Live are great and anyone interested in higher education should check them out. I think one of the hardest aspects of my search is that I’m limited by location. It’s hard to be told that I would get a job easily on the mainland when I’m committed to Hawaii. Hopefully something will work out. I had an interview but that didn’t pan out but it was interview experience and every little bit helps.

Themes & Tethering

I felt that I had a number of good ideas for posts the past week or so but I decided not to do post them largely because they were topics that I would prefer to be done in Custom Post Types and my current theme doesn’t cover that and I wish to wait until I have my custom theme up and running before the stuff. I’m finding myself stuck a lot of stuff. I make the mock-up but then I keep looking but overall I don’t care for it so I have to start over or I look at the overall design and feel like something is missing or just not working. It’s troublesome so I think I may take an hour (yes I have writing to do as well which is why only and hour) tomorrow and look at the design with fresh eyes and figure out what it is that works and what doesn’t and finally finish it.

I also I need to finish up the website for my friend Jason’s Photography company. I realized a few things that would be better to show off sections of the site so I just need to get that implemented. In the end though I think it will work out really nicely.

I have been shamelessly drooling over the new iPad 2 from Apple that was released last week. I honestly plan on buying this version of the device. Unfortunately the financial situation I’m in is totally not agreeable to making such a large purchase. I only plan on getting the 16Gb Wi-Fi only version of the decide though. A few months ago with the help of a friend of mine I rooted my HTC Droid Incredible. Honestly other than making a few backups I haven’t done much with it, since I like HTC sense. I downloaded a nice app though yesterday called Wireless Tether which turns my phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot which will be useful with my laptop in certain situations but also when I get the iPad I can use my phone as it’s internet when I’m out and about.

I hope I get positive feedback from jobs I applied for (and want) soon cause getting to work would definitely help my over all mood.

Weekend tasks

Lots of stuff happening that I need to both complete and prepare for in the coming week or so. I learned earlier this week that I was selected for an interview for a job at UH and received my official offer by phone. Needless to say right now I’m pretty pumped for the opportunity. I hope it pans out cause it would be a great for step in getting employed and as it’s higher ed and student affairs it’s not a far leap to education abroad.  Lately thought I have become interested more and more with web development. I feel that combining the two halves, education abroad and higher ed web would be the perfect job for me. Now I just have to find said position.

I do need to get a hair cut this weekend though. It’s been at least a month and a half if not longer. Need to clean it up so that I look professional on the 8th.

Oh also on the 8th is the career fair on campus which is why I chose the 8th for my interview cause it becomes a 1, 2 punch to get employment. I’m going to go over a lot of interview questions and think up answers like “name 3 strengths” etc. Got to have that down before hand to avoid the dreadful ums and ahs.

Lots of writing planned as well. Not just my papers either, I plan to work on some of my web copy writing skills to add to my set. I think it will be good do this and do this well.

End of Days!

In January? Well not really, but I was reading a nice list of companies that economists shall see their end in 2011.  Interesting list too, can’t say though I’ve heard of some of these companies or used their services but if I did I would be certainly much more in debt than I am. One that jumped out at me was Borders.  I know it’s been having hard times and that its been on its last legs for a while now but seeing it on that list made me think something very important. That being, “I need to pay attention to Borders cause when they go under it’ll mean sales!” Slightly cold hearted but I’ll take when I can get.

Been working on a website for a friends photography business and we hope to get it launched by March and I think we can. I’m taking a few days off from it to focus on other things but hope to get back at it later this week I think it’l turn out really cool in the end but have to wait and see.

Back in the car search and still going after jobs. Hope to hear something back soon cause this whole no work think is really a bummer.