NAFSA HI/Pacific Spring Conference 2011

I present to you the slideshow I used at my first ever presentation at a conference.  Overall I felt I should have practiced a little more and focused my topic better but it seemed to go over well. I think I had around twenty-five people come see it which is not bad for a regional conference that really only had attendees from Hawaii.  I think what made it go well was that rather than fully devoting to lecturing from the front of the room I went for an approach that I had seen one of my committee members use at a conference where questions were not a deterrent or interruption but rather a part of the overall presentation itself.

I submitted a proposal at the end of May for the upcoming NASFA Bi-Regional I/XI Conference in November.  I hope I get in because it would be great for the CV for the coming year when I reenter the job market moving back to the mainland and make my bid at getting employment in a higher ed program in student affairs, preferably a study abroad office.