QR Codes in Higher Ed

QR codes often get a bad rap in higher ed with some even calling them a fad, and thus not worth bothering with. And with how I’ve seen them used I really can’t disagree with them. But I don’t see that as indicative of them being a fad in the sense of hammer pants, rather […]


I’ve noticed that tablet computers are becoming more and more relevant lately not just on tech blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget but on normal news sites like Yahoo! though it’s not to say they never were or that non-techy people would never use a tablet like the iPad. I’m sure Apples sales reports would clearly […]

Freelancer Tools – StudioCloud

While I’m quite happy with how The Client Machine is working out for me I haven’t stopped looking at other options and tools to help with possible freelance work for me. StudioCloud is one such tool that I’ve come across. It’s a free program with purchasable upgrades for mobile use and if you have employees […]